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Finesse Airbrush Starter Pack – Medium

Spray Gun Colour


Product Description

Colour: Medium

We have expertly designed ready-made starter packs to make your choice as simple as possible. Working with professional make-up artists we have included blush and highlight colours to perfectly compliment your skin tone. We have also researched into common skin compliants and included a corrector colour ideal for you. With mixing made easy, you can easily create your perfect foundation colour all year round!

Make-up Colour
Foundations Honey | Chocolate | Dark Chocolate
Blush Deep Coral
Highlighter Cornsilk
Corrector Dark Golden Rod
Brow Nearly Black

Description of pack: Our Professional HD silicone-based makeup starter pack range includes:

1) 3 x 15ml Liquid Foundations
2) 1 x 15ml Corrector
3) 1 x 15ml Shimmer
4) 1 x 15ml Blusher
5) 1 x 15ml Brow
6) 1 x Eyebrow stencils (Thin, Medium & Thick)
7) 1 x 30ml Cleaning Bottle


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